Thunder's Collies - Hall of Fame

"DR Thunder" was our first male and here are several of "Thunder's" collies from the 2003 litter that have performed in "Lassie Come Home" (remake 2005). Additionally, two of those below perform at Universal Studios in Florida and California.

As a traditional collie breeder, DR Farms has been very well represented by our puppies and, even though we are very proud of every one of our puppies, we are particularly proud of these three dogs.

Two additional puppies shown below from our 2005 litter were performers at Universal City, California and Orlando, Florida.

There are additional examples of our successes but they do not define our business and we are sharing some of them here for fun. 
"Carter" in Universal City, CA.
Universal Studios
"CJ" in Orlando, FL.
Universal Studios
 in Universal City, CA
 Orlando, FL.
Designed & supported by DR Farms
Dakota in Ireland

Carter owned at the time by Birds and Animals Unlimited traveled to Ireland but did not perform in the movie remake.
"Mason" from another breeder performed the cameo shots and a dog from our May 28, 2003 litter performed the action shots. 
The final cameo shot in the movie was a collie from the original Lassie linage.
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