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Purchasing Information:
  • The information needed to complete a purchase of an animal from DR Farms

Designer Dog Bowls:
  • •Designer Dog and Cat bowls with the animals name. Dishwasher and animal safe.

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Current & Past  Litters:

Healthy Dog Food:

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Famous Collies:
  • DR Thunder's famous dogs including Dakota, CJ, Carter pictures and history of our dogs

Collies & Owners:
  • If you have pictures that you want to share with us we will post a selection here

DR Farms Genetics:
  • An explanation of collie genetics as well as information about the health and breeding of collies.

Collie Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Frequently asked questions about Collies. Questions from health to training.

Male Marking:
  • Overview
  • Canine Territorial Marking
  • Marking vs. Peeing: Medical or Behavioral?
  • On the Mark...Get Set... How to Stop Marking
  • Odor Elimination
  • Related Resources

Collie's Fear of Noise:
  • An in depth report of the issues that animal in general and for our purposed Collie's face.

Educational Links:
  • A comprehensive list of educational and resources available for the Collie owners

Retired Collies at DR Farms:

Quality Breeders:
  • Friends and breeders of DR Farms

Bad Pet Businesses:​
  • A conversation about businesses that sell online

Dog Training:
  • The conversation about dog training and the importance of and options for training their dog

Texas Sales Tax Information:
  • If you take ownership of a collie in Texas then you are subject to the current Texas Sales Tax

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