DR Prince CEA Resutls
DR Prince CEA ResutlsDR Prince CEA ResutlsDR Prince CEA Resutls
DR Prince CEA Resutls
DR Prince CEA Results
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​    "Prince" is DR Farms newest traditional Collie male. He was born on January 29, 2013, and is the son of "Rocky". Below you will be able to review the certifications for CEA, MDR1 and PRA. We will be searching for a female with qualities that will ensure a quality mating which will be better than what we currently have.

   Based upon his physical characteristics, the fact that his mother was a has a strong white factor, we anticipate that his litters will demonstrate a combination of the traditional collie characteristics and the white collie characteristics depending on the qualities of the female we choose.

Traditional Collie Characteristics:
  • Four white paws
  • Full white collar
  • Some with the White blaze up the nose
  • Sable & white color

White Collie Characteristics:
  • White body or with sable markings
  • Collie Sable & White face
  • White blaze on the nose

"DR Prince" has been tested for CEA, MDR1 and PRA with the following Test Results: 

  • Normal-Eyes for CEA, 
  • MDR1 +/-, 
  • Normal for PRA

    These classifications are only part of the picture and once we have chosen his mate we will update the website to indicate the prodigy classifications. Our goal is to provide a puppy with as good or better health classifications and Prince is headed in the right direction. Additionally there are other categories that we want to ensure we get such as personality and coat color to name two so we have to balance all of the categories when breeding. Since the personality has such a huge impact on our owners not only the parents are important but also our interaction with the puppies before they go to their new home we work very hard ensuring the environmental variables are balanced with the genetic variables.
DR Prince

DR Prince 6/8/2013
DR Prince 10/2014
DR Prince 10/2014
DR Prince 10/2014
DR Prince AKC Papers
DR Prince AKC PapersDR Prince AKC PapersDR Prince AKC Papers
DR Prince AKC Papers
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DR Prince CEA Results
DR Prince CEA Results

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DR Prince AKC Papers