Improving your dogs Immune system will go a long way in ensuring
healthy care free years for your companion!

Don't underestimate this aspect of your animals health!
Birds & Animals Unlimited
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund
Important information about your Dogs Immune System
American Kennel Club
America Working Collie Association
The Pet Web Library
* DR Farms does not have any association or agreement with any of the above organizations with the one exception
(the first link we are National Feild Representatives).
DR Farms is only providing them as links for your convenience.
DR Farms encourage you to take advantage of their services and thank them for providing a free and extremely valuable source of knowledge that will help you keep your pet healthy for many years.
Growing Up with Pets
If you have children this is a great source that you should take advantage of!
A Parent's resource
for raising Happy Kids with Heatlhy Pets
Dr Farms recommends that you do not use Ivermec on your Collie!
DR Farms Does not recommend Heartguard
as there are suitable substitutes such as Interceptor for your Collie.
HomeAgain Michrochip
Dog Owner's Guide
Meet the Collie Breed
AKC Meet the Collie Breed
Collie Club of America
Clipping / Trimming Dog Nails
VPI Pet Insurance
shipping solutions
United Airlines
Life's Abundance
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Dakota in Ireland
Collie Club of America

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Deafness in Dogs
PetSmart Dog Training
Visit "The Collie Connection" Online Petstore
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Petsmart Training
Human Foods
that are Dangerous for
Dogs and Cats

  • Xylitol ( artificial sweetener found in products such as gumcandymints,  toothpaste, and  mouthwash)
  • Chocolate, Coffee, and Caffeine
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Avocados
  • Garlic and Onions
  • Macadamia Nuts
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United Airlines
Vaccination Schedule
AKC Collie Championship Standards
Bracing Collie Ears
Birds & Animals Unlimited
Cesar's Way
Cesar's Way
Clipping / Trimming Dog Nails
Caring for your pet in the summer heat
* DR Farms is pleased that on occassion we have others recommend sites as a source that others might find value when visiting the Collie Connection. Their first names are listed next to the link as a thank you for their sharing!
AKC Trainers Hotline
Advice from a Trainer
Advice from a Trainer
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Bring Fido
Bring Fido
It is the weekend and you don't want to leave your pet at home. What do you do? Send them to doggie day care? Maybe, But what about finding events and places you can take them along? Check out "Bring Fido" and you can search anywhere you want to be for things to do with your pet!
Continental Kennel Club
Collie breed information
Find your Collie before they get too far away

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Canine Dental Care
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