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DR Farms is proud to have teamed up with Life's Abundance. We have from the beginning focused on the quality of our dogs, a safe and healthy litter, ensuring the puppies get the right start in life and last but not least finding them a good home. 

In addition to promoting healthy pets we are also looking to help other animal enthusiasts to become part of our organization. If you believe in quality pet foods, healthy pets, are tired of watching our pets have health issues due to the food they eat or don't eat then become a part of our organization and develop an income you can depend on for years to come. ​
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Life's Abundance Breeder Program

If you are interested in not only having healthy dogs and cats but also in building a business of your own then we would like to talk with you. If you are veterinarian, a fellow breeder or pet enthusiast then you are a perfect individual for this business. Contact us and we can review how together we can advance healthy pets and your income. Personally I made this commitment first and foremost because I was impressed with the products and secondly because it was a way to promote healthy dogs that I breed long after I involved in their life.
Life's Abundance Premium Pet Food Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how Life's Abundance premium dog food and Life's Abundance premium cat food are essential to support the health and wellness of your dog and cat.

Compare Your Dog or Cat Food

Life's Abundance Pet Food provides super premium health food for your best friend. A natural diet is the best defense against chronic illness in our pets.  Health preservation, vitality, and longevity are what wellness nutrition is all about.

Life's Abundance premium pet food for dogs and cats does not contain preservatives like BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, propylene glycol, by-products, fillers, artificial colors or flavors.

Life's Abundance premium pet food for dogs and cats Is SAFE, and wheat, corn and dairy free. Life’s Abundance is not affected by any recalls.  We maintain the strictest and highest quality control standards in the industry.  Find out how you can feed your pets one of the finest pet foods ever made.  View All Life's Abundance Products Here

DID YOU KNOW...The maximum life span of our dogs and cats is estimated to be about 25 to 30 years & yet the average pet lives only approximately 13 to 14 years?  NUTRITION IS AN IMPORTANT FACTOR!
Q:  I find the price of the food to be a bit on the high side. Why is it said that it is cheaper in the long run to feed Life's Abundance over other popular commercial pet foods?

Since the food is concentrated, there is more value with less food consumed. Pet owners will find fewer odors and stool clean up. Feeding Life's Abundance premium pet foods, you will be able to see the difference in your pet's health, skin coat, energy level, quality life-style and less trips to the vet with fewer vet bills. You might also consider checking out the Daily Cost Comparison, compared to other popular foods. To give you a realistic example, 40 lbs of Life's Abundance dog food lasts 4 to 5 weeks to feed two adult dogs, 86 and 68 pounds each, respectively...compared to a 40-lb bag of any popular commercial dog food, which used to last about 2 to 3 weeks. Life's Abundance premium cat food is also concentrated to feed much less.

ECONOMICAL-Because our food is concentrated it costs less to feed than commercial brands. Natural brands may seem higher in price at first glance...but look again. Natural foods are nutrient dense and are actually cheaper per serving than the brands with less nutrition. You can feed less with life's Abundance than commercial pet foods. As cats are true carnivores, the natural cat food is higher in price than commercial foods, and because there is more pure meat protein in our foods. An "economical" brand won't supply the protein your cat requires. See COMPARE for a dog and cat food cost comparison between Life's Abundance premium pet food and commercial brands.

OUR GUARANTEE - We guarantee complete product satisfaction or return the unused portion within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price less original shipping.
Q:  OK, I'm almost convinced that feeding Life's Abundance is the best food I can feed my pet, but please, I need to be 100% convinced. Can you help me?

Sure! You should read the two articles on my website that will give you a much better understanding of what the commercial pet food industry can get away with! The first article is entitled, What's Really For Dinner?, The Truth About Commercial Pet Food  It is written by Tina Perry, who is an animal advocate with the Animal Protection Institute. The second article is a Report by the Animal Protection Institute About What's Really in Pet Food.  Right now, check the ingredients on the current food you are feeding. Would you eat the food? Your answer is "Probably NOT!" Then why feed it to your pet?  
The most important thing to take into consideration is that all Life's Abundance pet products are formulated by highly respected and nationally-recognized holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks! Life's Abundance is a private company dedicated to providing the best available canine and feline health food. The very best industry nutritionists, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, and veterinary talents and experiences were utilized in identifying the quality ingredients and manufacturing processes. This combination was used to carefully formulate the finest products available that would sincerely contribute to the health and quality lifestyle of our family companions.
Q:  Why can't I find Life's Abundance in my local Pet Store?

Life's Abundance premium pet foods are not sold in stores. We ship direct to your door. On average, you will never receive an order that is more than 6 weeks old. Also, this limits the number of parties that can handle your pet's food. Our products go right from our facility to your home.
Q:  I'm Concerned About the Food Spoiling?

When properly stored in a cool place away from moisture, Life's Abundance pet foods can be fed for about a year. There are no artificial preservatives added to the food, as with most commercial foods. Natural foods attract moisture - which can turn into mildew spoilage quickly in the summer weather and areas of high humidity. Store Life's Abundance Dog and Cat Food in a dry, cool place.
Q:  How Fresh is Life's Abundance?

Our food is made, shipped to the warehouse, and then directly to our customers. We pride ourselves in knowing that your pet has a fresh bag of food. To further insure freshness we pack the food in special bags designed to hold freshness. On average, you will receive your pet's food within 6 weeks after it's made.
Q:  If Life's Abundance is complete and balanced, why do you sell a supplement?

There are simply some things that cannot be put into a food effectively. Our Wellness Food Supplement is a unique formulation that must be made separate from our food. In order for your pet to get all the nutrition that Dr. Jane recommends, it is beneficial to use both products. Your pet will thrive just on the food alone, but sometimes food alone is just not enough. Just like people, pets can benefit from the extra protection of supplementation.
Q:  Why 26% Protein in the Dog Food?

It is not the amount of protein in a dog food that is important, it is the type of protein and how easily it can be digested. The protein is the right amount for all stages of life. Life's Abundance premium dog food and cat food is made with the highest quality chicken. To learn about the quality ingredients see INGREDIENTS
Q:  Your food has Chicken Meal. Isn't Chicken better than Chicken Meal?

Actually, no. By definition, chicken can include the skin, bone, fat and water. Our Chicken meal is just the meat. The water is drained and the fat, bones and skin are removed. This gives your pet a pure meat source.
Q:  Are there any special concerns when switching my dog's diet?

Yes! These concerns apply anytime a change in diet is made for dogs (young and old). Whenever a change in diet is made, it must be done gradually. This helps avoid the digestive upsets and food refusals, which can occur if a diet is changed too quickly. The best method for switching foods to Life's Abundance is to gradually mix an increasing amount of the Life's Abundance with the old product over a seven to ten day period until the animal is receiving only Life's Abundance premium dog food.
Q:  HELP!  My Dog is Scratching Like Crazy on my current food?

First of all, make sure your dog does not have fleas. You might consider having your vet check him/her because they can easily be missed by the untrained eye. Second, your dog may very well be allergic to one or more ingredients in the current food you are feeding. Many dogs are allergic to wheat, corn or gluten and may even be experiencing a reaction to the by-products or another ingredient, if you are still feeding a popular commercial dog food. Remember that healthy skin, coats, eyes and even breath start from within first, what we feed out pets. Life's Abundance has NO corn, NO wheat and NO soy, and is dairy free!
Medical Advice

We do not provide medical advice; this is left up to your vet who knows your animal. The industry is blessed with many fine veterinarians that truly care about animal health. However, regardless of professional advice, it is up to each pet owner to read and understand pet food labels.
Veterinary schools do not require students to take courses in nutrition.  Consumers are electing to no longer support manufacturers that have little regards for their pet's health. The professional, both in the veterinary practice and in the food they recommend, are aware of this concern and are following a national trend for a healthier lifestyle. Much of the widely advertised dog foods contain by-products and the remains from the human garbage chain with harmful chemical additives. These packages should have the skull and crossbones added to the label!
When you feed Life's Abundance premium pet foods, you are feeding the very finest pet food available!  100% satisfaction, guaranteed!
Q:  What are the factors that make up a high quality food such as Life's Abundance?

Wholesome fresh high quality ingredients: The chicken meal, turkey meal, fish meal and liver meals are extremely high quality. High quality protein is essential to meet your pets protein requirements. You wont find any artificial preservatives in any ingredient in our food.  Our wholesome ingredients come from the same place as our own food does. We don't use dead, diseased, dying or decayed animals in our pet food.  Our ingredients are delivered just prior to making the food. While purchasing large quantities of ingredients will save money and is often done, we believe that storage of ingredients decreases their nutritional value.
Q:  I'm not comfortable shopping online, so how do I get an order placed with Life's Abundance?

Call me at 972-740-8604 and ask for Dan.  I'll be happy to take your order and get you an account number so you can continue to order by phone quickly and easily. You can also become a Autoship Customer by requesting automatic shipments in increments of weeks or months. You get a lower price and you won't have to keep ordering. You can change your increment with a call to the toll-free number above.  CONVENIENCE  Your order is shipped directly to you from our distribution center.  You may establish an automatic shipment program to receive your pet's food on a regular schedule. No more running to the store or toting huge bags. Reorders may be placed through our number above.
Q:  How much are your shipping charges?

Shipping charges vary depending on how much you order and your location. When buying Life's Abundance premium pet food, the shipping is usually $8.85 for any amount of bags.  If you are buying food or pet products that you continually use you may want to consider placing a larger order and order less frequently to save on the shipping since shipping does not increase much on large orders. Our Life's Abundance premium pet foods retain their freshness for a year when stored in a cool place.

Money Saving Tip:
If you choose to go on a monthly Autoship, you may want to double your order and go on an 8-week Autoship to SAVE on shipping expenses.
Q:  Can I sell Life's Abundance products to offset my own pet food costs plus generate an extra income while helping other pet owners feed their dogs a healthy diet?

Yes, having a Life's Abundance business is a very rewarding. You can work with pet owners, shelters and rescue organizations. Organization supporters will want to purchase their own pet's food from their favorite organization. This purchase helps support the organization. There's even a discounted price on food for breeders and kennels. Building an organization by sponsoring these and other business-minded people will provide you not only with an income but a great personal feeling of doing something really wonderful to help animals. I will also give you my personal attention to help you and answer any questions you may have. Get more information about the Life's Abundance Opportunity, and click on the "opportunity" button.
Q:  Who formulates the pet food products and supplements for Life's Abundance?

Life's Abundance products are formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian, who utilizes the best of modern science and Mother Nature. She has been honored many times by her own veterinary profession. She is the author of three national books on pet care and nutrition including "Revolution in Cat Nutrition", "Dr. Jane’s Thirty Days to a Healthier, Happier Cat" and "Dr. Jane’s Natural Care for a Healthy, Happy Dog."

Dr. Bicks has been involved with many Advisory Boards including the Cornell Feline Health Center and Canine Companions for Independence. She served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City and was appointed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to help start the largest animal shelter in the United States. Many network television shows and radio stations have called on Dr. Bicks for her expertise on animal care. 
Customer Service

If you are looking for someone who provides personal "hands-on" service,  you have arrived at the right site! I am available at 320-558-2670 or email to answer any questions, update orders, etc. We also publish a free weekly newsletter which features health information for you, your family and pets and notifies you of new products. Our goal is to provide your dogs and cats with the best nutrition available. Your pets will thank us for it many times over. 
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