Bad businesses from couriers to online puppy sellers:

I wish I didn't have this page.  I battle with myself trying to decide if it is bad for business or if it is information that is important be shared. So if you feel the information is valuable I am glad it is here. If not than I appologize for having bad business manners.

DR Farms is dedicated to developing a relationship with the owners of the puppies we breed. Recently we were recruited by an online sales company. They spoke of being able to market our dogs to a larger audience. Price our dogs as we normally do and develop a relationship with a quality company. One that guarantees the puppy for 10 years and we are responsible for only the first year. I told them we guarantee the puppies for 10 years also but they were convinced that they had a better way. So it sounded good the gentleman was pleasant and seemed knowledgable of the health issues and breeding practices so we agreed to place our puppies on the website.

What we didn’t realize at the time was that as the breeder we were not allowed to speak with the buyers. Even when we were shipping them the dog during a very sensitive time for the puppy we weren’t allowed to speak with them to prepare the new owner of what to be prepared for. For everyone who buys a dog your needs are just as important as the puppies needs and matching the right puppy with the right owners can only be done by having those conversations and often visiting at our home.

When you buy a dog you aren’t just buying a animal. You are buying your best friend. Breeding is genetic engineering without the lab coat. We are passionate about our animals and dedicated to improving the breed. We are always looking at a way to improve the breed with our next female or male. 

I want to let everyone know that if you buy a dog from us you get more than just a puppy. If you buy a dog from the so called or you get an expensive dog, no connection with the breeder and no understanding of the temperament of the animal you are buying only a picture. Even when you buy a computer or cell phone you want to talk with the expert the ones that know the product the best. 

If you are just looking for a dog, you are not the buyer we are looking for. I don't mean this in a disrespectful way but realistically buyers of our dogs are more than just buyers. Our prices are posted on our site, our guarantees are spelled out and our animals are individual and different and it is our responsibility to ensure that the right dog goes to the right family.

We are aware of how difficult it is to talk with a lot of breeders. We know that most of them don’t return your calls, emails or text messages. They are rude, disingenuous and impressed with themselves. Others don’t know dogs and just want to make money and don’t know about the breed they are working with. Others decide they are going to breed a number of different breeds. 

The longer I breed collies the more dedicated I become at improving the breed and staying real so I can also improve the buyers knowledge and experience with our collies rather than becoming so wound up in the breed that I don’t interact with those outside of the so called collie family. I have interacted with them and am not impressed.

So the bottom line is don't buy from the so called expert online dog sellers! They are focused on one thing and one thing only, MONEY. 

I hate to add to this list but be careful of pet courier companies that portray themselves as all about the animal but don't communicate well enough with the owners to give you piece of mind that the animal will be taken care of. So my recommendation is check them out if you wish to use them it's in your animals best interest. I am not impressed with a courier in Texas named Comfort Courriers. You may have a different experience however, I recommend you look around.
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